Telehealth services benefit NHS Gloucestershire patients

“Empowering patients”

Telehealth services – the remote monitoring of vital health signs of patients suffering from long-term conditions such as diabetes or epilepsy while they are at home or on the move, using electronic sensors or equipment – are well on the path to successful implementation in NHS Gloucestershire, according to a recent survey done by them.

A 12 month evaluation saw 85 per cent of patients rating the service as either “excellent” or “good”. The survey was sent to patients across 80 GP practices in Gloucestershire, asking each patient a series questions about the impact of telehealth on the management of their health condition. Of the 143 respondents who completed the survey, 76 per cent felt telehealth gave them “peace of mind” and “reduced anxiety” about their condition, while 65 per cent said it helped them better manage their conditions and overall well-being.

According to Linda Prosser, commissioning director for NHS Gloucestershire, telehealth “is playing a key role in empowering patients, helping them to understand and manage their condition whilst also reducing consultations and emergency call-outs”.

NHS Gloucestershire is looking to develop telehealth and open it up to more patients, including those with neurological conditions, anxiety and learning disabilities.

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