Devon highway department to undertake 24-hour tweeting marathon

"Devon highways"

Devon highways dept to reach out via Twitter

Devon’s highways department is set to use Twitter to give live updates on its activities over a span of 24 hours, in an effort to show residents the range of work it does on a daily basis as well as to make the micro-blogging website a trusted channel for communicating crucial data, for instance in times of floods.

Staff at the County Highways Operations Control Centre at County Hall in Exeter will tweet activities  – such as standard engineering jobs and what its traffic specialists and emergency response teams are doing – using the department’s @DevonRoads account, from 7am on Monday, September 10th till 7 am September 11th. Cllr Stuart Hughes, cabinet member responsible for highways, said:

Although we hope people will enjoy hearing about what the council highways team gets up to on an average day, there is a very serious purpose behind this exercise. It’s clear from incidents such as the recent floods how valuable this channel could be to reach people quickly with accurate and trusted information.”

In order to encourage community interaction, the council is asking the public to use the hashtag ‘devoninaday’ to tweet about their own experiences of Devon. It is also hoped that this experiment will raise the profile of the highways department, and increase awareness of issues regarding winter service.

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