Telecare could help four million, research concludes


Telecare has “huge potential”

The Strategic Society Centre conducted research into telecare – alerting devices and personal alarms that can be activated in case of emergency and are monitored 24/7, thereby increasing the safety and security of the user  – and concluded that four million people, especially the older population, could benefit from such services.

However, according to the research, funded by Age UK, only 113,000 of the four million potential beneficiaries currently received care from their council, while 1.9 million people relied on care from family members and a further 1.9 million received no support at all. The Centre published these findings in two documents titled “Who Uses Telecare?” and “The Future of Who Uses Telecare”.

James Lloyd, director of the Centre, said telecare, which has the potential to save councils £1 billion, had “huge potential”.

“Crucially, the research shows how few current or potential telecare users are actually in regular contact with local authorities,” he said. “Most potential telecare users rely on informal care so we must help families incorporate telecare into the way they support each other.”

The Guardian discusses the findings of the research in length, adding that the low cost of telecare as a form of support has long been one of its attractions and that whatever objections people may have to telecare, cost is not one of them.



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