Cloud service offered to local businesses in Salford

"Cloud services"

“By making cloud services we are improving what the city is able to offer”

Salford City Council will offer a private cloud service (computing resources delivered as a service over a network) to local businesses through a partnership with ANS Group.

The community cloud project is built on a multi-tenanted cloud platform installed and supported by ANS Group together with Salford City Council’s IT team.

John Mullen, assistant mayor for IT at Salford City Council, said: “We want Salford to be a connected city with a good technological infrastructure. By making cloud services available to local businesses we are improving what the city is able to offer, while also generating much needed income for the council at a time of extreme budget cuts.

Over the last four years, Salford City Council has replaced aging infrastructure with a private cloud. It is now offering this infrastructure as a shared service.

Graham Catlin, founder of Bowerbank Consulting, said: “There is a real role for local authorities to support start-up businesses.” Catlin was previously involved in building a datacentre facility for Cheshire Council, which was developed not only to support the council’s IT but also to provide hosted services for other councils.

Other councils are making similar attempts: ANS Group is also developing an £8m datacentre facility in Manchester as part of the city council’s strategy to attract media and new technology businesses while Sunderland City Council is offering its datacentre facilities to local businesses.

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