NHS £12.5m online sharing system to help with second opinions

NHS will launch a £12.5m online image sharing system

The Sussex and Surrey NHS Trust is to implement a new £12.5 million online image sharing system that will help clinicians to obtain second opinions about medical cases, it has been reported.

According to eHealth Insider, the move will allow patient information and images to be easily accessed by clinicians outside the area through an online web portal.  Moreover, consultants will have the option to send an email to a London consultant with a secure URL link if they want a second opinion. Citizens can thus benefit from the opinion of experts within as well as outside their localities.

Philips – the chosen provider for the system – has already begun setting up a central data centre as part of its five year deal.

Lesley Walton, Sussex and Surrey’s collaborative lead programme manager, said that the ability to easily share images was becoming “increasingly important” for the trusts, especially with the implementation of new trauma unit at Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Trust.

Walton added that the first trust to go-live with the new system would be East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust in January 2013.

The other trusts in the collaborative scheme are East Sussex Healthcare Trust, Western Sussex Hospitals Trust and Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

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