Business intelligence platform saves lives and money at Colchester NHS Trust

Once we got QlikView, we rapidly deployed the cancer app in only a month

Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust (CHUFT) has said that it has been able to save 115 more lives since implementing QlikView applications last year, as well as £45,000.

CHUFT was forced to switch to QlikView from the Analyser tool it was using in 2010, when Department of Health regulators told the Trust that the tool was “inconsistent and not in line with national guidance”.

According to CHUFT’s transformation associate director Orlando Agrippa, “The problem with the product was that it did not do what the organisation needed, which was swift real-time accurate delivery of intelligence through any part of the organisation.”

QlikView was proposed as an alternative and after two months of deliberations the CHUFT board agreed to try it out, first investing a small amount and then eventually deploying dashboards for data sets like cancer and patient attendances.

One of the QlikView dashboards we built allowed us to look at mortality by consultant, by ward, by speciality etc. In the first year of using the dashboard we have seen 13 fewer people dying a month,” said Agrippa, and he feels that at least 40 per cent of this can be accredited to the new system.

The trust has been able to prove that it meets the Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQI) criteria set by the Department of Health, and has secured GBP 3 million in funding for transitional work that still needs to be carried out.


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