Leeds IT dept wants to increase efficiency, save money

Leeds wants to extend ‘Bring Your Own Device’ efforts beyond smartphones to laptops and tablets.

Leeds City Council’s ICT department is stepping up efforts to deliver services more efficiently and save the council money by taking measures such as investing in Public Services Network (PSN) and Cloud services, introducing new IT asset management software and further developing the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) concept.

The coming months will see more decisions being made as part of ‘ICT Invest to Save and Cost Avoidance’ initiatives. For instance, Leeds wants council employees to adopt a ‘Bring Your Own Computer’ approach. Currently, over 6,000 council employees are supplied with corporately owned mobile phones, 800 of which are smartphones.

Moreover, the council is assisting with the due diligence phase on the Yorkshire & Humberside Partnership Management Board’s plans for PSN connectivity with Virgin Media Business. This regional PSN initiative has been led and driven by Leeds.

The council is looking at Cloud service options both as a consumer and as a provider and is already running some key applications out of the Cloud. According to Dave Maidment, Head of ICT Strategy and Commissioning, “the Cloud is a clear option if best value can be demonstrated. We need to be mindful of the connectivity, security and integration challenges. This will get better as the market matures.”

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