Move to improve broadband services in Aberdeenshire

Aberdeenshire Council wants to invest £18m in broadband

Resources councillors will discuss plans to invest GBP 18 million to improve broadband services in Aberdeenshire.

Aberdeenshire Council wants to focus resources on providing broadband service of at least 2Mbits.

The council also wants to invest £2 million alongside Aberdeen City Council to implement an open access fibre optic cable around the western boundary of Aberdeen which will help in giving “world-class ultrafast services” to the area as well as a major economic advantage to businesses.

Scotland’s broadband services are among the poorest in the country making it difficult to do tasks such as work from home, stream videos and, more importantly, use telehealth facilities.

Council leader, Councillor Jim Gifford said: “This is an exciting and transformational project which will have huge benefits for our residents and businesses across Aberdeenshire. In many towns, the private sector puts in place the infrastructure – but this isn’t the case in large parts of Scotland, and in Aberdeenshire in particular.”

Independent Co-ordinator Councillor Norman Smith explained that the move was important because the council wants “to ensure that Aberdeenshire remains an attractive place to live and to do business.”


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