Govt chooses host for new website,

"Cloud services" will be hosted by SkyScape

Skyscape will be hosting the government’s new platform,, which is going to replace, following the Government Digital Service’s decision to buy ‘Infrastructure-as-a-Service’ (IaaS, a provision model in which an organisation outsources the equipment used to support operations)  from Skyscape.

This will mark the first ‘major’ ‘infrastructure-as-a-service’ sale through the government’s CloudStore.

Skyscape will provide ‘compute-as-a-service’ (including testing and development) as well as ‘storage-as-a-service’ for the new website, which hopes to “revolutionise the way citizens access information and services online.”

The G-Cloud team (a government initiative to promote cloud computing) has said that the contract is evidence that “the government is ready to embrace low cost utility cloud services and is buying from SMEs”. The value of the contract has not been disclosed but according to TechMarketView, Skyscape CEO Phil Dawson confirmed that the initial call-off (covering the rest of this financial year) could be worth at least GBP300,000.

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