CityCamp Brighton 2012 holds event on Digital Inclusion

"CityCamp Brithgton"

CityCamp Brighton held a Digital Inclusion event

CityCamp Brighton, “a series of events to bring together local government, businesses, community organisations and academia to reimagine the ways in which collaboration and web technologies” can help Brighton’s future, held a Digital Inclusion event on Monday.

Paul Colbron from the Brighton and Hove City Council spoke about ideas for a wi-fi on the Metro while other issues like how to connect the older generation to social networks were also discussed.

Ahead of the event, Brighton council staffer Sophie Cox had said that “the purpose of any activity on digital inclusion should be to improve people’s life chances by enabling everyone in the city to access and use technology.”

One of the speakers blogged about her experience and put up her presentation which asks if people “are better off online” and if we “are past the point of no return”.

The first event of CityCamp Brighton, produced by The Democratic SocietyNixonMcInnes, and Public-i in collaboration with CityCamp, was held in March 2011.

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