Buckinghamshire to transition to PSN, share services with district councils

"Buckingham City Council PSN"

Bucks PSN will help in collaboration with out councils

Wireless and local area networks will be amongst the services to transition to the Buckinghamshire Public Services Network, or ‘Bucks PSN’, intended to reduce costs of delivering such services whilst helping public sector bodies across to county to connect and collaborate.

The council has made a deal for a four-year framework contract with Updata Infrastructure, public sector network specialists, to manage the transition, which will enable Buckinghamshire to share services like data centres and internet security with stakeholders like district councils and the Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Bucks PSN will enable residents to access the services they need and provide the platform for teachers and students to fully embrace online learning environments via secure access. BPSN is future-proofing our infrastructure and ensuring that every public sector stakeholder can benefit from a high-speed, secure and resilient network infrastructure,” said CIO of the council Caroline Cooper, adding that the council wanted the framework to help it to take advantage of services such as the G-Cloud Application Store that will be made available via the PSN.

Neighbouring authorities, voluntary and community bodies and health partners will also have access to the framework.

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