LGA Tweetathon to highlight local councils’ work

LGA Tweetathon

LGA Tweetathon starts at at 00:01 on Sept 27, using the hashtag #OurDay

Citizens will be able to see what staff members at their local councils get up to on a daily basis by logging into Twitter on Thursday (September 27th) and following the 24-hour live Tweetathon arranged by the Local Government Association (LGA).

Cllr Peter Fleming, Chairman of the LGA’s Improvement and Innovation Board, explained why: “Council tax is the most visible tax people pay, which means we have to be much better than other parts of the public sector at explaining how money is being spent. Social media lets us receive and respond to feedback instantly.”

Moreover, the LGA, which represents 370 local authorities, wants the public to know that their council does not just fix roads and pick up trash but provides hundreds of other services, including caring for the elderly and ensuring safety rules are followed in restaurants, and is using technology to get this message across.

According to Knowledge Hub, the Local Government Association’s professional social network, “For one day we want to encourage as many councils, officers and councillors as possible to do live tweeting of what they do throughout the day. Ideally we would want staff from across all areas of councils and at all levels to take part so as to ensure we create a true reflection of what is delivered.”

The Tweetathon starts at at 00:01 on Thursday, using the hashtag #OurDay, and coincides with the worldwide social media week as well as the LGA’s launch of the new ‘Social Media Friendly Mark’, which the LGA wants councils to adopt to show that they are committed to using social media during council meetings.

Earlier this month, Devon’s highway department held a similar event to show local citizens the work it does.

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