Application that helps troubled families now available to all local authorities

App for troubled families

Patchwork uses technology to help troubled families

Patchwork, a web application that uses social technology to help families – by putting all parties involved in touch with each other so that action can be taken quickly and efficiently – will now be available to local authorities throughout the country, following on from pilots in Staffordshire and Brighton and Hove.

In response to the Baby Peter incident (a 17-month-old baby who died of several injuries at the hands of his caretakers), FutureGov, a company that works with local governments to design public services, wanted to help: Front line staff told us a huge barrier to them working collaboratively with other agencies was that they simply didn’t know which local organisations were also involved in their clients’ lives – and if they were, who they should contact in those organisations.” They wanted to “understand the complexities of multi-agency working, overcome information sharing and consent challenges and design something which reinvents how technology can support practitioners to do an even better job of safeguarding children and older adults and supporting families.”

The official launch event took place on September 27 and featured speakers from local governments as well as independent experts in children’s social care.

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