How the public sector can achieve ‘digital by default’

Digital Public Services

Public services need to be redesigned to meet digital needs

Having public sector services that are ‘digital by default’  will require “better skills, better technology, and above all a mindset that revolves around the user and the citizen”, writes Chris Yiu, head of the Digital Government Unit at Policy Exchange.

He points out that instead of revamping current services and making them available online, services need to be redesigned from scratch and their availability online should be first priority, “with a backstop for situations where an offline channel is still needed.” To this end, the government, both central and local, must be willing to seek help from experts and the private sector. They must also be willing to make the most of crowdsourcing, whereby tasks are outsourced to a group of people who may not necessarily lie within the government framework – this will enable the policymaking process to become more open.

He concludes that government staff must be prepared to deal with an increasingly digitalised world to deliver quality public services online and give taxpayers greater value for their money.

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