Scotland announces plans to get smartcard system for public transport

Transport Scotland smartcards

Smart card to be launched in hopes of “achieve a world-class public transport network”

The Scottish government and Transport Scotland has begun work with local authorities and transport operators to launch a smart card, the ‘Saltire card’, across its public transport system.

Scotland already has thousands of smart-enabled ticketing machines which will aid in the set up of the smart card system to be made available to passengers of trains, buses, trams ferries and subways.

According to deputy first minister and infrastructure minister Nicola Sturgeon, “The Saltire Card will help us achieve a truly world-class public transport network… and make it easier, more attractive and possibly cheaper for people to get around.”

While we are aware that there is still some substantial work to do on this proposal, we are now taking the first steps towards achieving this vision by launching a series of demonstrator schemes with a number of operators and public sector partners throughout the country,” she added.

The move is welcomed by public transport campaigners although a representative from Transform Scotland said that while this is a step in the right direction, they would like to see season tickets included in the scheme.

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