Access to public sector services may be possible with Facebook login

The move could “foster the adoption of online government services”

UK citizens may be able to log in to the government’s new website,, using their existing login details from trusted private websites like Facebook and use services like applying for passports and various licences so that they don’t have to keep track of a large number of login information.

Peter Warren, chairman of the Cyber Security Research Institute, has said that the idea is a good one but that the government must be careful because it was “inevitable” for hackers to take advantage of the system if it is not secure enough.

Identity management company Ping Identity’s director, Andi Hindle, has welcomed the move as it will “foster the adoption of online government services, benefiting citizens, but also reduce the risks and costs associated with identity management” as long as the government manages to “strike the right balance between security and ease of access to services in today’s digital age”.


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