NDL publishes annual report on councils’ mobile working practices

85% of respondents said that mobile working increased efficiency

The annual report on councils’ implementations on mobile working practices by NDL, the specialist software house, shows that m-working is on the increase, despite many councils feeling unsupported by central government, and that not enough is being invested in new innovative ways of working. 150 senior IT professionals at councils and housing authorities were interviewed as part of the survey.

According to the report, the number of schemes involving between 100 and 250 users has increased from 8% to 17%, a rise which is set to continue as 40% of future schemes plan to include this many users. A further 20% of schemes will involve between 250-1000 users.

85% of respondents in the survey said that mobile working increased efficiency; 84% said it decreased administration and 75% said it improved service delivery. When asked about barriers to implementing m-working, 60% claimed a detrimental lack of resources, up from 39% in 2011. However, the number of respondents who believed cultural change was a barrier to m-working was down from 72% in 2011 to only 52% in 2012.

45% of respondents felt that the Department for Communities and Local Government supported new ways of working, but 90% felt more could be done, with 56% calling for an introduction of seed funding. 50% felt that the department should produce best practice guidelines, and 46% felt the guidelines should be mandatory. However, 10% felt it is not Whitehall’s place to get involved.

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