CIO Hampshire Council discusses pros and cons of moving to the cloud

Hampshire Council is always exploring areas that could benefit from cloud services

In this video, Jos Creese, CIO at Hampshire County Council and Chair of the Local Public Service CIO Council, talks about the advantages of moving to the cloud to deliver better public services.

According to him, the council is always exploring areas in public services that could benefit from the cloud but is not looking to move data “that has a particular security requirement associated with it,” such as personal data.

He also speaks of the council’s desire to share service activities, typically with organisations within Hampshire, so that information can be better shared and residents can benefit by improving delivery public sector services – “this is where things like the Hampshire public services network has a particular benefit, it operates on a cloud principle and we work with the private sector to deliver it”. But he added that the council has important shared arrangements with Dorset and Oxfordshire county council as well.

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