Councils must be prepared for 4G rollout, says new study

The most important step is to build the strategy

According to a study titled “4G mobile telephony: Coming to a town near you?”, local authorities must be prepared for their IT infrastructure coming under increasing demand once 4G services are rolled out next year, or they will be “left on the wrong side of the digital divide”.

The study, published by Socitm, the professional association for public sector ICT management, recommends that local councils launch public access Wi-Fi in town centres; enable residents to have easy access to the internet; and update those pages on their websites that are most visited rather than spend money on mobile apps.

According to publication author, Chris Head: “The most important step is to build the strategy, and that requires unlocking the imaginations of employees, elected members and the community… Arguably, living in the area and having familiarity with mobile devices are better qualifications to develop the innovations than technical knowledge alone.”

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