Will Gov.uk be a success?

The website will need a “change of culture” if it is to succeed

BBC’s technology correspondent Roy Cellan-Jones has written an article titled “All right gov? Can government do the web?” where he talks about how successful he thinks the government’s new all-inclusive website, gov.uk, will be.

According to him, the website – which is meant to be a one-stop point for all government related services, instead of having different websites for each department – will only work if there is a “change of culture, from one where the government viewed its web operations as something to be farmed out to some giant suppliers and forgotten, to something far more responsive.”

He adds that the government has two things working for it with regards to creating this website: a drive to get smaller firms involved in public sector web contracts, and a central pool of skills in the Government Digital Service, the department behind the website.

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