Agilisys launches digital platform

“A solution allowing public sector organisations to meet the challenges of today’s ‘Digital by Default’ agenda”

Thursday saw the launch of Agilisys Digital, the latest initiative from IT and business service provider, Agilisys. Agilisys Digital is a solution enabling local councils and public sector organisations to deliver services online such as benefits, council tax and parking permits. The solution is in keeping with the government’s digital by default agenda and designed to help councils make savings and deal with budget cuts whilst improving the citizen experience.

The event, held in conjunction with partners including Experian, Netcall, logo-net, and bbits, was held at Google’s central-London office, and included a talk by Joel Lohrey, Google’s Industry Head – Education, Government and Non-Profit. Lohrey spoke about how to “make the web work for your organisation” and gave councils tips on how they could cut costs by enabling citizens to have a better experience online.

There was also a panel session with representatives from various councils, including Sheffield and Lewisham, who discussed the challenges of bringing services online. They said that before going ‘digital by default’, they had started off with a ‘digital when appropriate’ approach and had managed to achieve channel shift in many services, particularly paying parking and council tax.

Younger members of the councils were the driving force behind digital services, yet older members were also quick to get on board and the challenge lay not just in creating easy-to-use digital services but in facilitating behavioural change so citizens actually use them.

Agilisys CEO Stephen Beard concluded the event by saying that the Agilisys Digital platform will deliver digital services in a way that will empower users to have a seamless and convenient local government experience online.


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