LCH NHS Trust trials new neonatal screening solution

The new system is already live

Liverpool Community Health (LCH) NHS Trust is trialing a solution to deliver neonatal screening results for new born babies. Every child in Merseyside is screened by a midwife and delivery of the results to the parents has, until now, involved a lot of duplication. In partnership with EMIS and the Royal Liverpool University Hospital Trust, the hospital has developed a mailbox solution which electronically receives the result into the child’s records and thus reducing the need for repeated manual input. The new system is already live and will be used alongside the old method for three months to ascertain that it is completely accurate. The switch to solely using the new system is expected in January 2013.

“As far as we know, no other trust in the UK is doing this yet, and it’s an innovation which has some massive implications for us,” said Peter Woods, information management and technology senior project manager for Informatics Merseyside. “Not only is it enabling us to speed up our baby screening process by between 2-5 days on average and enabling us to get results back to families much quicker, it’s also helping to significantly reduce paperwork for key staff such as our health visitors. The system also removes the risk of human error in data inputting and will allow our records to be more easily audited which will help us to manage our performance better in the future too.”

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