Conservative MP proposes free broadband for social housing tenants

Berry believes that his proposal could save taxpayers’ money

MP for Rossendale and Darwen Jake Berry wrote an article for the Guardian where he talks about his recent proposal; he believes the government should provide free or cheap broadband to social housing tenants in order to tackle digital exclusion and enable such people to have easier access to employment and learning resources.

According to him, the House of Commons reacted positively to his suggestion but readers of his local paper did not: “If they (tenants) want to use the internet get up at 9 am and go use the free computers in their local library rather than once again lying at home expecting something for free” said one.

However, Berry believes that his proposal could “end up saving taxpayers’ money as improving internet access for social tenants would smooth the transition to the government’s new digital-by-default universal credit benefits system. Similar online government schemes, such as digital NHS services and vehicle tax registration, have saved the country millions of pounds.”

Click here to vote on the Guardian’s poll regarding the proposal.

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