Patients to access medical history and book GP appointments online

Health Secretary called on the NHS to “embrace the technology revolution.”

According to the first ever NHS mandate, by 2015 patients will be able to use the internet to access their medical records, book GP appointments and order repeat prescriptions.

Speaking at the Department of Health, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt called on the NHS to “embrace the technology revolution.”

There is no national format for implementing the policies set out in the 28-page document, rather it will “be different in different parts of the country”, he added.

Some points relating to the mandate’s digital agenda include:

  • Clear plans will be in place to enable the secure linking of electronic health and care records
  • Significant progress will be made towards three million people with long-term [health] conditions being able to benefit from telehealth and telecare by 2017
  • Everyone will be able to have secure electronic communication with their GP practice, with the option of e-consultations becoming much more widely available’.


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