Seven firms to provide citizens with Identity Assurance

“We are confident that the providers will offer a safe and free-to-use identity service”

The government has chosen seven firms out of 44 bidders who will provide citizens with Identity Assurance – one set of secure login details to access all online public services, starting with the Universal Credit welfare scheme. Citizens will be able to choose which provider they wish to use: The Post Office, Cassidian, Digidentity, Experian, Ingeus, Mydex, or Verizon.

The provider will verify a user’s identity and store their details; when the user accesses a public service website, the site will connect to the chosen IDA provider and authenticate their details.

According to minister for welfare reform Lord Freud: “We are confident that the providers announced will offer an effective, safe and free-to-use identity service for future online benefit claims.”

The news comes soon after the government published its digital strategy, according to which more and more public services will go ‘digital by default’ and become available online.

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