DWP launches interactive tool to explore its benefit data

“Information is easy to navigate, interact with, and download”

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has launched Stat-Xplore – a new tool that allows users to explore benefit data and see results in the form of interactive charts and graphs that are easy to navigate and can be embedded into users’ websites or shared on social netowrks.

According to Minister for Welfare Reform Lord Freud: “The new website ensures more data are available and, importantly, that information is easy to navigate, interact with, and download, so people can get to grips with the statistics much more freely.”

Currently, Stat-Xplore includes data on Housing Benefit claimants and in the near future it will cover further benefits, including Universal Credit, and will also allow users to create their own sets of data.

The site allows comparison of official claims data by date, local authority, Parliamentary constituencies or regions and claim type.

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