Can local govt learn from the Digital Strategy report?

‘The new Government Digital Strategy: what should local public services take from it?’

The Society of Information Technology Management (Socitm) has published a report titled ‘The new Government Digital Strategy: what should local public services take from it?’ which says that although the strategy is written for the central government, it contains certain points that local governments can benefit from when delivering public services. These include:

  • Basing decisions on accurate and timely management information;
  • Requiring departments to measure performance keeping in mind 4 key factors: cost per transaction; user satisfaction; transaction completion rates; and take-up levels;
  • Putting greater emphasis on the need for digital leaders and the new role of service managers to drive change;
  • Providing a consistent and high-quality online experience across all services, including on smartphones;
  • Stimulating the demand for online services.

Socitm Insight’s programme manager, Martin Greenwood, gives further advice, “While the Government Digital Service now has information about offline and online use of central government’s 650 transactional services, there is a paucity of similar information available from local authorities. We recommend that every local public organisation starts now to collect systematically such information about their top ten or twenty services by volume and adds this to their dashboard.”

The topic will also be discussed at the Socitm conference in Birmingham (27th – 29th November).


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