Local authorities to provide information for ePIMS


Derelict houses will be mapped on ePIMS

George Osborne’s autumn statement requests that local authorities must provide detailed information regarding out-of-use properties to share on the Electronic Property Information Mapping Service (ePIMS). The service will include details of a property’s current purpose as well as lease and landlord information, making it easier to identify available space and assist economic growth by putting derelict land to good use.

The “green book,” also put forward in the statement, includes a commitment from the Government Property Unit (GPU) to team up with local authorities to support ePIMS publication. In addition, the local authority transparency code puts forward three main points for data publication; to release data in a timely fashion, release data in open formats and to respond to public demand.

Osborne commented:  “Countries like ours risk being out-smarted, outworked and out-competed by the new emerging economies. We asked Michael Heseltine to report on how to make the government work better for business and enterprise. I think that it is fair to say that his answer has captured the imagination of all political parties.”

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