Telehealth will save NHS over 1 billion



Be your own doctor

Telehealth, a growing practice which involves patients treating themselves from their own home and sending results electronically to achieve a diagnosis, is expected to reach around 3 million people by 2017. UK Heath Minister Jeremy Hunt has announced that by next year 100,000 people should be using the system, ranking the UK second in the world for telecare services.

One user, Shirley Silvers, monitors her lung condition from home by sending texts with details of her oxygen levels, sputum colour and temperature to her health providers. She receives a reply within minutes, saving herself time on a trip to the doctor’s surgery.

The Department of Health (DH) estimates that telehealth will save the NHS just over GBP 1 billion in five years. Investigations are underway regarding the benefits of this technology in comparison to traditional care. Christian Mazzi from consultancy group Bain & Co, says: “To make telemedicine truly work you need to have an integrated offering that has technology which stands alongside traditional delivery of healthcare.”


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