Bill Crother’s new role criticised by IT reformers

Bill Crothers to take on new role

The Cabinet Office’s decision to give Bill Crothers a more prominent IT leadership role has come under fire from government IT reformers, a move which they believe could undermine the IT reform agenda.

Crothers is due to take a more central role in the team, with executive director of the Cabinet Office, Lesley Hume, reporting to him in her new role leading the execution of the IT strategy. There is also the possibility that Crothers will become responsible for the G-Cloud project. The former G-Cloud director, Chris Chant, has tweeted that the changes should be led by the G-Cloud team.

Chris Potts, a corporate IT strategist, believes that IT procurement should not be considered as important as strategy. He said: “It would be a shame if, as a consequence of these changes, the only strategic conversations about IT happen in the context of procurement.”

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