BT to provide superfast broadband to Gloucestershire and Herefordshire

Wins another BDUK contract

Herefordshire and Gloucestershire councils have signed a joint agreement with BT for broadband rollout, in a deal worth nearly GBP 60 million. BT will ensure that all homes and businesses can access a minimum of 2Mbits/s with 24Mbit/s and above for those who ask for it by 2018. BT will have to invest GBP 20.9 million, GBP 18.17 million will come from the Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) programme, GBP 10.1 million will come from Herefordshire Council and GBP 7.5 million from Gloucestershire County Council.

Herefordshire council leader, John Jarvis, said: “This project will really put the county on the map, attracting more businesses to the county, helping existing ones grow and enabling rural properties become less isolated.”

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