NHS trusts plan to invest in new IT systems

To invest in IT systems

NHS trusts are planning to invest in new IT infrastructure and systems in 2013, regardless of budget cuts and financial pressures. The new systems will be more patient-focused. A report by EHI Intelligence, dubbed ‘The view from the shop floor,’ shows that 70% of trusts are making IT their main priority, compared to 40% last year. Around 50% of survey respondents claimed that their trust intended to invest in either an electronic patient record or portal solution.Report author, Lindsay Bell, said: “The report shows increased optimism among respondents compared with last year. Although their trusts are still facing financial pressures, they expect these to be less severe than last year, with only 17 per cent of those who responded to the 2012 survey expecting their overall trust budget to fall by more than 20 per cent, compared to 37 per cent last year…This optimism also applies to IT departments, who are no longer fearing the worst. The survey found the respondents predicting an average reduction in IT budgets to be just 4 per cent compared to 8 per cent last year, while the number of trusts expecting to have to make drastic reductions of more than 20 per cent in their IT budget has fallen sharply, down from 27 per cent last year to 6 per cent this year.”

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