PSNs to deliver transformational frontline services

According to a paper from PSNGB, the trade association for organisations providing PSN services to the public sector, PSNs are likely to be depended on next year to deliver transformational frontline services. A PSN has the potential to enable public sector bodies to work more collaboratively. It supports Kable’s white paper which claimed that common processes are more important that geographic features in shared service implementation. The paper also argues that it is a problem within the health sector that professionals cannot share data effectively. The paper calls for effective working across boundaries, the maintenance of service levels, and the delivery of compelling online self-service facilities. The PSN can deliver secure, on-demand cloud services and therefore also has the potential to enable workforces to become more mobile.

“The PSN plays a role here – in delivering the network as well as offering an opportunity to develop truly innovative and user friendly web-based interfaces…Creating a ‘without walls’ ethos is no easy task in organisations more used to siloed working. Local politics and the ‘not invented here’ syndrome need to be overcome. Chances are, they will be. The imperative to save money, combined with a greater understanding of the value of shared services, should ultimately drive more co-operation within the governance arena.”

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