Mid-term review – no one left behind

In its mid-term review, as assessment of the progress made in enforcing the coalition agreement, the government has committed to ensuring nobody is left behind as public services move online. The review focused on IT and transparency, which has long since been a bug-bear in the public sector outsourcing sector, and also claimed that the 100,000 government transactions a year will be redesigned to fit the digital by default agenda.

One of the main motivators behind the digital by default approach is to save taxpayer money, as online transactions cost only a few pence each, whereas phone transactions or face to face meetings cost several pounds. With regards to the millions of UK citizens who have no internet access, the document said: “We will make sure that no one is left behind by ensuring there is assisted digital provision for those who are unable to use digital services by themselves.”

The public sector will also increase its efforts to achieve greater transparency so that citizens know how their money is being spent and on what services. This approach is also due to be introduced on meetings between media figures and politicians, following recommendations by Lord Justice Leveson. The public sector is also continuing to drive open procurement to provide more equal opportunities for IT suppliers.

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