BDUK to spend 63% of its 2012-13 budget

BDUK: responsible for delivering the best broadband network in Europe

According to Broadband Deliver UK (BDUK) by 2012/13 it will spend 63% of its GBP 3.8 million administration budget, compared to 100% of its GBP 1 million budget in 2010/11 and 94% of its GBP 5.85 million budget in 2011/12.

According to Minister for Culture and Communications Ed Vaizey, the reason for this is because the organisation has taken on further responsibilities, including the Mobile Infrastructure Project and the Urban Broadband Fund.

At the end of last year it came to light that the organisation pays external consultants around GBP 834 a day and spent GBP 9.8 million on 70 external advisors. BDUK was spending 10% less of consultants than on its administration costs.

Labour MP Chi Onwurah revealed to Computerworld UKthat the organisation had staff turnover rates of 110% for the last three quarters, adding that “It is industry consensus that alarm bells should be ringing if staff turnover rates reach 25 percent per year. This chimes with what my contacts in industry and local authorities tell me. They complain of untrained and difficult to get hold of contract employees, constantly changing with little expertise and no long term outlook.”                        

BDUK is responsible for delivering the best broadband network in Europe by 2015, and £830 million has been allocated to support the rollout.

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