Public sector cloud storage at risk of data breach

Public sector cloud storage at risk of data breach

Need to ensure sensitive data stays secure

IT solutions firm Acronis has found that public cloud storage used by local authorities is open to the risk of data breach as they are unable to restrict access to it.

Out of the local authorities that do not restrict access to public cloud storage, 59% can be overridden; 7% of those surveyed have no strategy to restrict use.

The results also show confusion over use of these types of services with some stating access to public cloud services is forbidden under the Government Code of Connection.

According to Alan Laing, VP EMEA at Acronis: “In the last year, the realities of the technology have begun to set in as confidential data has been hacked and stolen from the most popular of these public storage services… The need to ensure highly sensitive data stays secure on public sector networks is critical departments and authorities across the country need to be developing and communicating policies that ensure the protection of this data and remove confusion about their authorised use.”

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