Rothbury to benefit from Rural Community Broadband Fund

Overcoming social isolation caused by lack of superfast broadband

The community of Rothbury in Northumberland has become one of the first areas to get superfast broadband – with speeds of up to 30Mpbs – as part of the government’s £460,000 Rural Community Broadband Fund, which will benefit residents as well as local businesses and NHS bodies and help the community to ‘overcome the social isolation caused by the current lack of superfast broadband as well as benefitting the local economy’.

The development was marked by a visit from Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander, who spoke of the importance to “boost growth in rural areas such as Rothbury and support communities across the UK to get the infrastructure they need to compete on a global scale.”

Our £460,000 investment will play a major part in bringing superfast broadband to 1,500 homes and businesses, creating jobs and sustainable growth for the region,” he added.

Communications minister Ed Vaizey has said that the project will contribute to the government’s aim of achieving the fastest broadband network in Europe by 2015.

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