Cabinet office releases timetable for G-Cloud 3

Cabinet office releases timetable for G-Cloud 3

New features and innovations

The Cabinet Office has released the timetable for the third G Cloud iteration, and an OJEU notice is expected to appear next week. The total value of potential spend on the G-Cloud framework will be increased to GBP 200 million, compared to the previous of GBP 100 million.

Peter Middleton of the G-Cloud team said on the programme blog: “We listened to the feedback received from suppliers and buyers from the first two rounds of the procurement and have introduced some new features and innovations to support Giii, while retaining others from Gii, as we work towards a standardised process, and to keep it simpler for buyers.”

Revised terms and conditions include: improved wording in Data Protection clauses, to account for Cloud Computing difficulties; an online ITT submission form which will be pre-populated for suppliers on the second G-Cloud framework, and will also be easier to complete for new suppliers; a new order form and Call-off Agreement.

Following an assessment into all government ICT procurement frameworks last year, the G-Cloud was hailed as an example of best practice. However, the review and the Cabinet Office have been eager to see some changes. This third iteration of the framework hopes to see more providers for identity services, service integration and service management, software support and business process automation. Some elements will remain the same, such as Call-off lengths and Lot structure.


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