MPs call for e-invoicing in government

MPs call for e-invoicing in government

E-invoicing could save money, open up new markets

According to Adam Afriyie and Stephen McPartland, Conservative MPs for Windsor and Stevenage, e-invoicing could be the way forward for public sector procurement. They believe the technology could save money and give the government access to new markets.

The MPs say that the implementation on e-invoicing would lead to the emergence of online services and the adoption of electronic open standards almost immediately. The UK could become a world leader of e-invoicing, which could boost the economy by providing new jobs. Some experts believe that the introduction of this technology could result in GBP 22-28 billion of annual benefits. So what is holding the government back? According to Afriyie and McPartland, the blame lies with the ‘cumbersome’ civil service bureaucracy.

Other governments, such as Denmark, Sweden and Finland, already accept e-invoices. Consumers and businesses use e-voicing, and the MPs believe that the benefits are too significant for the government to lose out on.

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