Quality of content essential for Gov.uk success

A complex and costly transition for government

A complex and costly transition for government

Colin F. Smith, a lecturer in the School of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University, has blogged about the government’s digital by default agenda, saying that “while the transition [to digital] may still be difficult, the necessary infrastructure is now in place.”

Speaking about the new website Gov.uk, Smith has praised the application created by the Government Digital Service, called Needotron, which maps and prioritises user needs from the website, resulting in a user-centred experience – something he feels previous attempts lacked.

According to him, “‘Digital by Default’ will be a complex and costly transition for government, and its ultimate success might well be determined by whether GOV.UK becomes a ‘quick win’ that is well received, and is used by increasing numbers of citizens.”

He concludes that “citizens remain largely immune to hype. They will use the service when there are clear benefits to them from so doing”, adding that the most important factor for the success “is online content, and the range, quality and utility of that content.”

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