All govt departments should use ‘smart thinking’: Socitm

Socitm has published a new report titled ‘Smart cities: how are they really different?’ according to which all government departments and leaders should make the most of information and data in order to better use resources.  The three main ways this can be done, says the report, is by ‘smart (agile) working’, ‘joining up’ and using ‘big data’.

According to the report, the term ‘smart cities’ “means different things to different people. For the EU, it refers to the application of technology to improve transport. The UK’s £24m initiative talks about integrating infrastructure with communication networks. Individual cities, such as Birmingham, are investing in affordable broadband to reinvigorate local economies…. All are laudable aims. But what does this mean in practice?”

It also calls for a pan-government debate on the application of information and technology.


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