Cabinet Office may adopt ‘cloud first’ strategy

Cabinet Office may adopt cloud first strategy

US federal agencies adopted a similar policy in 2010

The Cabinet Office is considering a cloud first strategy across the whole of the government which would mean that government departments would have to consider cloud computing web-based applications and services before investing in any new IT.

Denise McDonagh, the Home Office’s IT Director, said: “We are, certainly in the Home Office, talking about a cloud first policy. Personally, I think there is some agreement with the view.”

US federal agencies adopted a similar policy in December 2010, but McDonagh claims it would not be productive for the UK to copy the US’ example. Both countries use IT differently, and will need policies tailored to their individual needs.

She said, “In the US they have adopted cloud first. Now, some of the challenges between us and the US is that most of their services are in-house whereas the UK has probably got the highest proportion of outsourced services across most governments.”

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