Monmouthshire works to improve YouTube videos on budget

Monmouthshire works to improve YouTube videos on budget

Creating videos costs “nothing but time”

Since 2010, Monmouthshire County Council has been uploading videos of Cabinet Member for Finance Phil Murphy discussing the budget on to YouTube in hopes of getting residents more involved and interested in the budget. A recent post on Digital Monmouthshire discusses why they chose to do so and how they have been improving the quality of videos over the years.

Touching on the advantages of these videos, the blog says that they let people watch Phil Murphy from the comfort of their homes and cost “nothing but time” to create. Moreover, videos are edited to give a basic summary of the presentations rather than include hours of details. Viewers are then directed to a website if they want more information.

The council has been using feedback and advice to improve these videos and claims that “the videos have had more YouTube views than there were attendees to all of Phil’s presentations.”

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