Is the Govt Digital Strategy relevant to local councils?

socitm 2012 government digital strategy

Digital Strategy: a missed opportunity?

In a discussion held as part of Socitm 2012, four panellists talked about the local government implications of the Government Digital Strategy released in November last year. When asked the question “has the strategy moved us beyond the limitations of e-government?” the general sentiment seemed to be that it did, but not by too much.

“I believe we could use digital technology to fundamentally transform the way we deliver public services and achieve better outcomes for less cost but I don’t think the digital strategy takes us very far along that path,” said Glyn Evans, Senior Associate Fellow at Warwick Business School and Socitm Past-President, adding that the strategy mirrored some of the mistakes of e-government and was “overall a missed opportunity.”

Kay Brown, Head of IT at South Lanarkshire Council  and Socitm President said she agreed with Evans and that the strategy is “very central government in its approach”. She also believes that digital means different things to different people and it was hard to pin it down to one definition.

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