Online Watch Link creator wins Big Society Award

Online Watch Link creator wins Big Society Award

Used by five police forces

Prime Minister David Cameron has given a Big Society Award to Gary Fenton, the man behind Online Watch Link (OWL), a website that allows volunteers to exchange information with local law enforcement agencies and has helped cut crime by 25 percent.

OWL, with tens of thousands of members, is being used by five police forces in Hertfordshire, Staffordshire, Gwent, North Wales and Carmarthenshire.

The OWL software not only helps people feel more empowered in their local communities, it’s also providing real results with crime rates falling in the town,” said Cameron.

Fenton has said that apart from crime reporting OWL is  “also used by Fire and Rescue, Trading Standards, the elderly community (helping them to be aware of scams, flu jabs or fuel allowances) flood alerts, school alerts and finding missing people.”

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