Digital services needed to cut down transaction costs: Maude

francis maude digital transactions

“Making gover digital is at the heart of our plans”

Cabinet Officer minister Francis Maude has announced how much government-public transactions cost the government, information that has been released for the first time, concluding that services need to be shifted online in order to reduce costs for taxpayers.

Transactions can cost anywhere between 5p – for the government to process stamp duty reserve tax returns – to as much as GBP 727 – for the Rural Payments Agency to process a claim through the Single Payment Scheme.

“This data sets a baseline for service performance – something the public can, and should, judge our progress on as we move to making all government services ‘digital by default’”, said Maude, adding that “making government digital is also at the heart of our plans to reform the civil service, helping it to work in new, faster, more efficient ways, be smaller, more open and less bureaucratic.”

Government Digital Service leader Mike Bracken has said that greater visibility of service performance is an “essential step towards delivering digital services that are simpler, clearer and faster”.

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