Cabinet Office to publish standard for digital services by April

Cabinet Office to publish standard for digital services by April

“Bold and challenging”

Speaking at Sprint 13, a conference organised by the Government Digital Service on Monday to showcase ‘the best of digital’ in the government, Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude has said that a service standard for digital services will be published by the Cabinet Office by April 2013.

In his speech, he also said:

  • The Civil Service should build “digital expertise into its DNA” and embed “digital skills and awareness at every level”;
  • The government must emulate successful businesses like British Airways, which have moved to a situation “where everything that can be online, is online”;
  • The ‘digital by default’ agenda is “a massive challenge but a massive opportunity”;
  • By 2015, all government services handling over 100,000 transactions a year will be digital by default;
  • “The cost of digital services can be almost twenty times lower than phone or face-to-face”;
  • “We estimate that by moving government services online we can save £1.2bn per year”;
  • “No one will be left behind by the digital by default agenda”;
  • Those who wish to access government services offline will still be able to do so;
  • “Success hinges on bringing a culture change to every corner of Whitehall”;
  • He called on departmental digital leaders to be “bold and challenging”.

Digital champion Martha Lane Fox also spoke at the event, where she said that the government must “use simpler technology and create single platforms and domains,” adding that “the biggest barrier in delivery of the digital strategy is making sure we have the skills in departments.”

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ (Defra) digital leader Ian Trenholm was also one of the speakers, who said that his colleagues must improve digital understanding and think along the lines of “not ‘how do I make this easier to administer’, but ‘how do I make it easier for the citizen.”


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