“Northern Ireland is a telecoms leader” says minister

[caption id="attachment_1812" align="alignright" width="250"]“Northern Ireland is a telecoms leader” says Arlene Foster More needs to be done[/caption]

Northern Ireland’s Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster has said that Northern Island is “a telecoms leader, not only within the UK, but across Europe”, having spent GBP 45 million on infrastructure.

“Premises with access to superfast broadband services in Northern Ireland stands at 95 per cent – the highest in the UK,” she said, adding that “the average speed consumers in Northern Ireland access the internet has more than doubled in the last year from 6.3 Mbps to 14.4 Mbps.”

However, she also said that more needs to be done to improve mobile services as those in the rural areas are faced with inadequate service. She believes all regions should have a minimum speed of 2Mpbs.


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