LGA creates online map to show council savings

[caption id="attachment_1883" align="alignright" width="250"]LGA creates online map to show council savings Illustrating scale and range of shared services[/caption]

The Local Government Association (LGA) has created an online map which shows what councils are doing to save money and which councils are engaging in shared services schemes in hopes of inspiring others in the public sector to do the same.

The map shows that 337 local authorities across the country are participating in 281 shared service schemes and according to the LGA, councils have made combined savings of £263m.

According to Cllr Peter Fleming, chairman of the LGA’s improvement and innovation board, the number of councils sharing services increased by 65% in the last year although they are still suffering from funding cuts: “The new map really helps to illustrate the huge scale and range of shared services across local government. However, it also highlights that sharing services is not enough to make up for the sheer scale of the funding cuts being imposed by government.”

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