Maude wants companies of all sizes to help deliver ‘digital by default’

Maude wants companies of all sizes

During a roadshow at Birmingham, Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said that the government needs agile and innovative suppliers to enable it to move public services online and wants to encourage companies of all sizes to win government business.

Services that are first in line to be redesigned to fit the ‘digital by default’ agenda include driving test bookings, tax returns and state pension applications.

According to Maude, “We want to see innovative suppliers working with government on shorter, bespoke contracts to create the digital systems that support 21st century public services.”

There are software and services companies out there that fit the new agile model for public sector IT but have never done business with us or could do more,” he added.

Ministers want suppliers to use the opportunity to tell the government how they think the procurement process can be improved.

The roadshow will also visit Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh and London.

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